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Addition and renovation to existing cottage

These newlyweds had a clear vision for their cottage renovation and addition, which included incorporating and retaining the charm and character of the existing building through the new areas. The addition included a garage, kitchen, laundry, dining and living areas. Existing roof, cladding and some framing were all updated. The clients were able to move in and complete their gorgeous French-country styling throughout the home just in time to welcome their first baby! 

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Renovation and second storey addition

This 1980's home was begging its owners for an extreme update! The existing level was renovated to open things up as well as extending a bedroom and giving the whole area an updated flow and style. A second storey was added, incorporating a generous master suite and ensuite. A large lightwell ensures natural light flows throughout both levels, and connects the top storey with the living spaces below. A new North-facing outdoor area was completed to make the most of the outlook to gorgeous existing gardens.   


Kitchen / Laundry 


This renovation was all about flow. Clients were looking to move away from a closed in kitchen space and improve the flow and transition between high-use spaces, with the added bonus of updating to a sleek and functional kitchen. The flow was continued to connect these new spaces with their existing beautiful outdoor living area.

Additions & Renovations

Abel Design will engage clients in a creative design process to develop high quality homes which embody function and character. 

Excellence will be achieved through attention to detail and effective collaboration at all stages, prioritising quality tradesmanship and client satisfaction from the beginning through to completion. Homes will improve clients’ quality of life through the inclusion of personalised features, future-proofing, and design considerations which promote cohesiveness and enjoyment.

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Addition and reno of

kids wing

"We were really pleased with plans that Phil from Abel Design prepared for us. He was willing to listen to our desires and put together a home that we are really enjoying living in. He had many good ideas on how to design and build our house to make the best use of our block with respect to the layout of the house to help it to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to include sustainable living ideas as well.

We would whole heartedly recommend Phil."

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Kitchen /Bathroom 


"It’s been a pleasure to have you working with us and having the whole project go so smoothly with a wonderful result!

Your co-ordination skills are impressive to say the least!"

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